Helpful Advice: Pencils and Poo

coverFrom time to time we will feature interesting books that people suggest. Today is one of those days. We have a couple of titles that are right from the 818.602 section of the library. This is often a favorite place to find lots of fun for the person who is kind of bored or just not that interested in anything “literary.”  Here are a few that recently caught our attention.

How to Poo at Work
Mats and Enzo

How to Sharpen Pencils
A Practical and Theoretical Treatise on the Artisanal Craft of Pencil Sharpening

Both of these books are fine for any library collection. Both are exactly what the titles say.  The pencil book has some cool endorsements from journalism and literature and I cracked up at the complexity of artisanal pencil sharpening. A foreword by John Hodgman also makes the book worth a look. Maybe artisanal pencil sharpening is the next big thing.

The poo book is really just a continuous poop joke. Don’t get me wrong, I always can get on board with a good poop joke, but this one is just okay. I think when you are writing humorous how to books, they need to be full of actual advice and suggestions. This book doesn’t really have the joke nearly as “sharp” as the Rees book. (See what I did there?)

So go forth and sharpen pencils and don’t flush your career away.






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      1. I see “foreward,” which is still wrong. Also, you twice have “artisinal” rather than “artisanal,” and once you have “artisnal.”

        I like pencils, and you’d be surprised how many sharpeners are crap. My best one was made in Germany.

  1. Last year I ordered a specially sharpened pencil and the book for my boss as a birthday gift. It was as advertised. The shavings came in a specially sealed plastic baggie!

  2. “The architect” looks like it’s used to stab the structural engineers who try and fix the nonsense s/he put on the blueprint.

  3. I think I need to put a copy of the poo ettiquette book in the unisex restroom that is very close to my office. I hope that there are chapters addressing: aim, odor, newspaper sections left on the handicapped railing, and the need to realize that co-workers can hear whether you wash your hands or not.

  4. My first thought upon seeing the title of this entry was, “I hope that the two don’t go together!” And then, “Pencils and poo, (mental image of where pencils could go) that’s disgusting! (and painful!)”

    1. I looked up the pencil book online. Amazon’s copy is nice and clean. I infer that that book has circulated.

      I also found a New Yorker article comparing it to [Moby-Dick], specifically for describing the business at hand in minute detail.

      I think I looked at the other book around Christmas time in a store (are you waiting for someone to pretend not to know which one the picture is from?) and the point of it seemed to be to visit the restroom without anyone else in the office being aware that you do that. This seems to me too divorced from reality to sustain a book, but maybe it’s a more sensitive matter than I appreciate.


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