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Heart Stopping Fun for Teens

Heart Disease

I was in high school in 1976 and it was more or less understood that a heart attack equals death.   Not exactly an exciting book since it is low on illustrations/pictures. Here is the best one.

Glancing through this book I was remembering how far the medical science has come in the area of heart health since this was published.  An upgrade is in order!


0 Responses to Heart Stopping Fun for Teens

  • Remember this: heart disease makes a woman’s head grow out of your neck. Can you afford to live with that?

  • I recall coming across a book by the Silversteins. Can’t remember the title, but the cover illustration was very similar.

    • Did that illustration have much to do with the subject matter?

      Because aside from the EKG line here, I’m missing any sort of reasonably-accessible connection between the pictures and the words…. White dogs? Lines of people holding hands, okay, sorta….

  • I feel bad for that dude on the cover. It must be painful to have a woman’s head growing out of the back of your neck.

  • The woman on the cover seems surprisingly happy… while the man looks really upset. Gold digger perhaps?

  • The rule of thumb I was taught is—medical/health books weed every 3-5 years. Not always possible, but ideal.

  • If I were the guy on the cover, I’d be more concerned about the woman’s head growing out of the back of my neck than heart disease.

  • BUT WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? What happens when carbon monoxide has combined with hemoglobin?

  • Say, has anyone noticed that the guy on the cover appears to have a woman’s head growing out of the back of his neck?

  • The man on the cover does have a woman growing out of his neck. But did you notice the strange ear opening? For some reason it reminds me of that scene in “Dune” where they force a brain eating snail into someone’s head through their ear. Ewww!

  • Now that young Michael Moore has shown me how to hold a cigarette, I can start smoking and looking cool like him (all I need now is a baseball cap). What a useful book.

  • Dune? I thought that was Star Trek: Wrath of Khan. What’s with the white dog? What does it all mean?