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Having a little work done?

The Complete Book of Cosmetic Surgery
A candid guide for men, women and teens

Can we all agree that this book is WAY too old for a public library medical collection?  This gem includes procedures, how to spot extraordinary claims, and expectations. I love the before and after pictures that show the “difference.” There is even a discussion of how to deflect intrusive questions on if you have had work done. All very appropriate topics. I would have no problem including this in any public library collection back in the late 80s.

Although a great addition back in the day, it needs to be retired asap.


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4 Responses to Having a little work done?

  • I’m confused by those before and after photos. I think surgery actually was performed on those people, but the photos’ styling is what the author is talking about. She thinks they are bad photos that do not do enough to illustrate the OMG dramatic improvement in their appearances. I’m not sure why photos are important unless you’re concerned with marketing your plastic surgery skills. Since this book isn’t for surgeons, why bring it up? Though she’s right about that hat being distracting.

  • Is the “advantages/disadvantages” on the back cover supposed to be a convincing pro-surgery read? Because it’s really, really not.

  • I don’t get why she has so many methods to avoid answering questions about if you’ve had cosmetic surgery. Being evasive or telling partial lies seems like it would make people more curious. What’s wrong with saying “That’s none of your business” and changing the subject? Wouldn’t that be sufficient?

  • Isn’t this the Dr. Elizabeth Morgan who served two years in jail for refusing to disclose her daughter’s whereabouts to the court in a custody dispute?