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Handbook for Bridezilla’s Mom

When Your Daughter Marries

Submitter: My sister recently got married and so I am quite knowledgeable about the cost of weddings. This book is very out of date, and very traditional in every way. This seems like a topic that is popular enough that you would want the most up to date info on. So I think it needs to go.

Holly: These books are perfect choices for public libraries, but you have to completely overhaul the collection every five to ten years. This might be one of the most boring wedding books I’ve ever seen. No poofy, pink, lacy anything – no pictures at all in fact. I have to give it credit for a lot of great information, but Submitter is right that it is very traditional. Time to upgrade!

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8 Responses to Handbook for Bridezilla’s Mom

  • I’d pull all books on weddings if it were up to me….

  • This is for the parents of some kind of bride other than me, that’s for sure. Courthouse it will be. I think my mom is probably sad about that but at least she got to go through all of the fancy stuff with my sister a few years back. (My mom is also batty that I haven’t set a date yet but I have other concerns at the moment.)

    More to the point, it seems like a lot of the stuff in this book is just common knowledge. That a bride will select her sister or best friend to be maid of honor? That a bride might pick up some souvenirs along the way that she wants to save?

  • Love the vocabulary! Using the word “dress,” when “attire” would have been the appropriate choice leads to the mental picture of the bride’s father in an elegant dress. And a minister’s choice of “dress,” would not be a gown, it would be a cassock or robe. But whatever these people wear, let’s be sure to include them in the printed program, and get the whole thing on videotape.

    • I noticed that the author used exclusively male language referring to the minister, when even in the 1980s some denominations were ordaining women. And you’re right, some clergy will wear a cassock or other vestment depending on their tradition.

  • I love that chapter 2 begins, “Now that there is a bride, a groom, and wedding date…” This makes me really curious what chapter 1 has to say! “How to trick your daughter’s boyfriend into making her an honest woman,” perhaps.

  • My mom will never have to worry about being a bridezilla, let alone a being bride at all. Marriage, and even having a romantic interest, are extremely overrated.

  • No they arent overrated. But the book is dated for sure.

  • It went even MORE dated this morning when the Supreme Court overturned all anti-same-sex marriage laws!