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you and your hairYou and Your Hair
Cuts, Styles, and Hints for Beautiful Hair

I probably picked up this book when I was a teen. This was the time that everyone wanted hair like Farrah Fawcett from the Charlie’s Angels days. Unfortunately, for all the attempts, I never managed that look. (I don’t think anyone did.) There’s nothing really earth shattering in this book. There are basic tips on hygiene, skin care, and makeup. Old timers will remember when taming acne meant no chocolate, nuts, or fried foods. I think that was proven wrong by the mid 1990s. The only thing I found somewhat different was the use of scarves in creating looks. I doubt teens from yesteryear were impressed.


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  1. I thought that Wildfire was a series of fiction. Granted I was born in the 90’s so I’m not really in-the-know.

  2. The part about not scratching with your fingernails while shampooing reminds me of a story my mom told. She was a hairdresser for many years, starting as a shampoo girl at her sisters’ salon. There were women who only came in once a year at holiday time – and apparently that was the only time of the year they shampooed their hair as the debris of dirt and dead skin on their scalp would be an inch or more thick. So she’d have to scratch at their scalps with her finger nails to get them clean. Which means there’d be loads of gunk under her fingernails.

      1. I know. *shudders* Mom says “Well, they were farm wives” but to me that’s not an excuse, even if it was the 1940s/1950s when she was a shampoo girl.

    1. A salon today might refuse to serve someone like that — an inch, yuck! They must not have brushed their hair much, either. Back in the day my mother would have her hair done once a week — and sprayed so it would stay in place till the next time. Even at the time I couldn’t imagine doing that.

  3. I swear my scalp is crawling just reading this. I just washed my hair an hour ago, after reading this I’m going back to wash it again. Total heebie jeebies.

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