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Krevitsky and Ericson

I don’t even know where to begin. Prepare for shock and awful. I can appreciate the skills of a weaver. Regardless of the skill involved with these creations, I just can’t see any circumstance that would require some of these outfits. On the other hand, this book does showcase some interesting projects and talks about quite a few methods that might be interesting to weaving enthusiasts and artists. The book itself is clearly outdated for a public library, but might work well in a special collection. I look at this stuff and think it looks itchy.

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  1. The only place you could wear most of these would be at your local Woodstock reenactment. Or maybe Burning Man. On the other hand I do remeber make and using cardboard looms in grade school so may there’s somehting there.

  2. Pine cone garlands have nothing on this.
    If there were a contest for truly terrible crafts, this would be the winner. (Perhaps that should be reworded. Truly *terrifying* crafts. And this is still the winner.

  3. An interesting thing about this book is that, aside from the cover image and the Greta Garbo clothes hanger, every image is of the same man who looks very uncomfortable wearing these odd garments.

    The book could have a niche audience in a library devoted to fiber arts or late 20th century crafts. Otherwise, it’s just a reminder of how bad ‘trendy’ clothing could be.

  4. The item on the cover is awful as a piece of clothing, but it’s amazing as woven art. To weave a face that well–there are eyelashes!–is impressive. Weaving, like so many other arts and crafts, is gaining in popularity right now, so someone might want this book, but a general library? No.

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