Groovy Crafts for the Fulfilled Woman

crafts for fun and profit cover

Crafts for Fun and Profit
Van Zandt

This series is called Women Alive. We already posted the book that helps you figure out your man. After you figure out your man, you can sit down and make some lovely crafts. I particularly like the macrame vest thing with fringe. Very sexy. I think it is the plaid pants that really pull the outfit together.

I think I really need this whole series.


retro crafts

bead work model

tye dye




  1. What did the copywriters think as they wrote the text? “The making and owning of hand made objects brings special satisfaction in our mass-produced world.” Quilting had a revival in the 1970’s but not quilting bees (especially not by dorky-looking women pretending to sew an already sewn quilt top).

  2. in real life this woman made an unexpectedly huge profit (while having fun) with her little stuffed owls and it went all wolf of wall st with the coke parties and the wads of cash

  3. If you want to find some of the worst books in your collection search for “for Fun and Profit”

  4. I think the woman in the dye-painted dress needs to have a dinner party in the room with the dye-painted table cloth and art. No one will be able to find her. (I actually like the dress!)

    1. For some reason she reminds me of Angelique from the original Dark Shadows when she pretended to be Cassandra.

    2. I liked the dye-painted dress too. The 60s-70s era is retro now, so it wouldn’t look out of place at a modern party.

    3. I had the same thought. She could be part of the decor! I really like the dress too.

    4. Yes, the dress has a sort of Morticia-at-the-prom quality that I also find appealing. And I also wonder what the back looked like.

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