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Great Canadian Athletes

Champions: Great Figures in Canadian Sport

Submitter: A great primer on current Canadian Athletes, esp great with upcoming Olympics! I guess they just missed mentioning Gretzky, Sidney Crosby, Steve Nash, Justin Morneau, Jason Bay etc. etc. But Bobby Hull sure is hot baling hay!

Holly: Bobby Hull turns 71 this year.  Wow! He looks so good for his age.  Of course Bobby deserves to be in a book about Canadian athletes,  but there have to be newer books on this topic that include more current contributors too.  Upgrades are especially important in a Winter Olympics year.

0 Responses to Great Canadian Athletes

  • Yeah, they need to update it to include Justin Morneau!

  • As long as they include hot pictures of the jocks, I’m all for a newer version of this book!

  • I always knew Bobby Hull was a farmer in the off-season, but according to his wife’s divorce lawyer, Bobby got his muscles from using his wife as a punching bag.

  • If I can add one more thing, the greatest and most important athelete in Canadian history was Maurice Richard. He played the only game that matters in Canada with a passion that lifted the shackles on an entire nation (Quebec). Not many atheletes in the history of their countries can say that. Justin Morneau? Jason Bay? These guys play baseball which has absolutely no importance in Canada. Mario Lemeiux, Guy Lafleur, Martin Brodeur, Patrick Roy, Haley Wickenheiser … these atheletes are important to us.

    • According to their writings, members of Canadian rock bands Rush and Barenaked Ladies have stated that they are fans of the Toronto Blue Jays, so I don’t think you speak for all Canadians.

  • i don’t think i’ve ever, EVER seen a worse cover design in my life!

    it looks as if it were thrown together 10 minutes before deadline by someone w/a pounding, wicked hangover. the photos are just ripped out and pasted right onto a picture of…blue curtains?

  • Where’s Guy Lafleur? Where’s ‘Rocket’ Richard? I also love those ‘torn out’ pictures. Best cover ever (sarcasm).

  • Book printed 1971. Gretzky born 1961. Wonder why he is not included? DUH

  • Robin Scherbatsky would give this two thumbs up.

  • Did this book include Ferguson Jenkins?

  • Ken. I think there was some sarcasm there that you missed. DUH.

  • Yes, the cover is atrocious and the contents are dated, but is it really fair to fault Jack Batten for having “missed” athletes that were children or hadn’t been born?

    Where’s Richard? Well, he’s in here. So is Fergie Jenkins. No Lafleur, but he had yet to play his first NHL game.

    C’mon, everyone, play fair.

  • No one’s faulting the author for not including these athletes when the book was written, Brian. The point is that this book no longer needs to be on the shelves of the shelves of a library because its contents are outdated. A newer, more current book needs to replace it. That’s the idea behind weeding.

  • I don’t see anyone blaming the author. The point is that the library should not have this on the shelf. It’s not reasonable to expect a patron, especially a kid, to realize that they’re only getting a partial, outdated list. Let alone expect them to be satisfied with it.

  • Gloves are for wussies Bobby

  • Not to mention racers like Gilles & Jacques Villeneuve, Greg Moore, and Paul Tracy!

  • Where is an Eskimo and a priest with his little girl, like in the ‘People of Canada’ book we saw a couple months ago?

  • 1) I agree that we’re really supposed to be debating the merit of still having this book in a library, but have to insist that Terry Fox was the ultimate Canadian athlete.

    2) Now I understand why men began waxing their chests. Bobby Hull’s figure looks more furry than great.