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Not sure you can make anything with the word “granny” and instantly think of high fashion. However, here is an attempt. Granny squares are one of the basic projects for the crochet crowd, so patterns and books are probably a necessary collection item in any craft collection. The swimsuit on the cover makes this item a weeder. I am concerned how this particular bikini looks after it gets wet. Can someone say “wardrobe malfunction?”



granny square swimsuit

crochet directions for granny projects



  1. I can honestly say a lot of modern swimsuits were made as if the wearer doesn’t actually swim, but knitted swimsuits just sound like an instrument of torture to me, dry or wet.

  2. When she was little during the depression, my real-life granny wore a knitted wool swimsuit her mother made for her. Everything was fine until she got out of the water!

  3. To be fair, the pattern does say it’s a “sun bikini” and should not be worn in the water as it has a “tendency to stretch when wet”. Only marginally better than shrinking I suppose – imagine the chafing.

  4. There’s a painfully high likelihood my mother owned or saw this publication: granny squares were
    a religion for her! Granny squares and outfits and accessories utilizing good, ol’ fashioned soda-can
    pull tabs. Oh, the times my sisters were greeted with her latest creation: vests, sweaters, hats,
    handbags, you name it!

  5. Look at me, I’m Sandra Dee! If Dee were alive she’d be 75; I wonder of she would be knitting these for her granddaughters.

  6. I must be really tired because I’m desperately trying not to laugh at both the post and the comments. It’s been 5 minutes and I’m still trying to hold it together so my students don’t think I’ve gone off the deep end. lol

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