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Grandma Online coverGrandma Online: A Grandmother’s Guide to the Internet

Submitter: It’s a pretty tacky title (at least any more) and I got a laugh at some of the content:
1) www.AnySwingGoes – though it’s about dancing, at initial glance, it could have another connotation.
2) I suppose Granny isn’t too old for Amusement Parks
3) Grandma Games just doesn’t sound right.

Found at a university library.

Holly: Of course they go straight for Bingo in the games section. Grandmas like Farmville and Candy Crush too! Oh wait, they weren’t a thing in 2001.


Grandma Swings

Grandma Online excerpt


  1. Are there any grandmothers who actually like to be called grandma? It sounds so much the old-fashioned stereotype of a little old lady in a rocking chair. My mom’s a grandmother and she’s out taking Tai chi lessons. 🙂

    1. My parents used “grand mother/father” for one set and “grand ma/pa” for the other. We never got mixed up in a conversation if they were all being talked about at once.

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