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Gourmet Dishes with Condensed Soup

Good Restaurants Cookbook USA - cover

Great Restaurants Cookbook, USA
Famous Recipes Made Easy
Steffanssen and Townsend, Ed.1975

Evidently, the great restaurants depend a whole lot on canned soup from Campbell’s. Anyone growing up in the 60s and 70s probably remembers more than a few soup/casserole combinations. My mother was an expert at turning a can of soup into a meal. I know, for her, it was less about taste and presentation and more about feeding a family on a budget. For me, even if you have fancy titles and beautiful recipes, it’s not probably going to impress anyone if condensed soup is the featured ingredient. I doubt anyone would miss this collection of recipes from the collection.




Good Restaurants Cookbook USA - back cover

Good Restaurants Cookbook USA - jello mold

Shrimp in tomato aspic

Another jello mold

Pirate's House

Cream of Almond soup recipe


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