Gotham After Dark

New York ConfidentialNew York Confidential
The Big City After Dark
Lait and Mortimer

Here is your guide to the seedy underbelly of New York City. All the girls, booze, clubs, and back stages of all the cool places. For the guys, there is inside info if you want walk on the wild side and date outside your race or even date a model. Gals, they haven’t forgotten you either. You will also be excited that there is a discussion of avoiding date rape for the gals. Nice girls don’t walk around NYC without an escort. ¬†All the exciting secrets of New York are right here for you.

Okay, everyone go take a bite of the Big Apple!


What this book is about

What this book is about

Where men wear lace lingerie

The minx on minks


  1. I would *LOVE* to read the whole thing. Especially amusing (to my modern, immature mind) is the line about “smiling back at a handsome dick on the vice squad”.

  2. I have the ones for Chicago and Washington a time when diplomats still wore stripped pants unfortunately the books are in bad shape and falling apart

  3. Get wise to this wise burg, and you just might meet a luminous lollipop and engage in unspeakable saturnalias.

    I’m glad we’re no longer tossing around terms like “congenital abnormals,” “nature’s mishaps” and “monstrosities.”

    Compare the paragraphs at the top of page 135 to the opening paragraph of Rona Jaffe’s 1958 book THE BEST OF EVERYTHING. There’s an echo in it that makes me wonder if she’d read this book and was riffing on it just a little.

  4. This book looks like an utterly fascinating prime resource. The stuff about the LGBT scene is quite intruiging, even with the author’s judgemental tone. I love how ‘drag’ is defined, as it is obviously assumed the reader won’t have heard of it, and how ‘lesbian’ is capitalised. (That would refer to the people of Lesbos, not women who fancy other women, guys!)

  5. Pages 68 and 69 (hee!) make the Village sound like the most fabulous place in the universe.

  6. Wow, imagine a girl making $500 per week! Wonder what that would be in today’s dollars?

  7. Considering it was quite possible to find a decent apartment in a nice neighborhood for $50 a month in the late forties, $500 a week is a whole heap o money.

  8. I’m late to this, but I own Chicago Confidential, the book that precedes this! I stole it out of my father’s collection. It’s possibly even more horrific than this one. Lots of racist material, including a chapter called, “Black Paradise: Darkest Africa moves to darkest Chicago.”

    Let me know if you’d like scans of that doozy as a follow-up.

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