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Go! Fight! Win!

Go! Fight! Win! The NCA Guide For Cheerleaders

Submitter: Team spirit is running high in this 1981 volume of Go! Fight! Win! The NCA Guide For Cheerleaders by Betty Lou Phillips with photographs (a.k.a. works of art) by Francis Shepherd. Even after a quick look you are going to be itching to pull out those pom poms and squeeze into a letter jacket. You are going to have the crowd on their feet after a surprise cheer hit like this one from page 167:

Superman lives in a telephone booth
After this game you gonna know the truth
Hey, hey, go, go, go, hey, hey, go, go, go
Kiss your mama, kiss your pappy
Winnin’ this game gonna make us happy
Hey, hey, go, go, go, hey, hey, go, go, go
When you squeeze lemons, you get juice
When you play us, it ain’t no use
Hey, hey, go, go, go, hey, hey, go, go, go
Shake your left foot, shake your right
Because our team is dyn-0-mite.

Sadly we discover that Cheerleading does have a dangerous side like sprained ankles, nosebleeds, heat exhaustion, hyperventilation and the possible fainting, but if there is anything you take away from this book never ever forget to smile!


Holly: Thank you, submitter!  ‘Nuff said.

0 Responses to Go! Fight! Win!

  • Has there ever, ever been a more appropriate author name? I mean, Betty Lou Phillips? For a cheerleading book??

  • So, is it possible to download the books in pdf format or something ?

  • Wow! Cheerleading today is completely different from the picture presented here. Today’s cheerleaders have to be dancers, gymnasts, and tough competitors to make it in this serious, dangerous sport.

    I can’t believe I just said that in all seriousness…but it’s true!

  • That cheer pretty much just made my day with its ridiculousness.

  • Cheerleading is now a highly competitive sport. Maybe they need cheerleaders for it?

  • If nothing else, it should be weeded for the inaccuracy of that cheer…Super Man does not, in fact, live in a telephone booth. 😐

    Weeder all ’round.

  • I actually quite wish we’d had this book in our (suburban UK) public library in the 80s. Maybe then I’d have understood all those US novels they packed the YA shelves with…

  • THIS! POST! WINS! in my book! I love the typography on the cover, and I’ll have to memorize that cheer.

  • Precursor to rap music.

  • My favorite part of the cheer is “dy-no-mite”.

  • My teen daughter was just elected cheer captain for her high school. Maybe I will suggested that cheer for her to use. Hehehehe, that would get me one serious eye roll! On a serious note the sport of cheerleading has changed dramatically in the last 30 years. Hey, Hey, go, go, go and weed!

  • Trying to learn a sport from a book is a dead end.

    Me Getting Cut From My Freshman Volleyball Team

  • Could be worse. How about this cheer from the 1970’s?

    Big apple, little apple,
    Us little girls are gonna sing for you!
    We’re gonna turn around,
    We’re gonna touch the ground,
    We’re gonna do the hula-hula all the way down!
    Come on, boys, let’s have some more!
    Firecracker, firecracker, boom-boom-boom!
    Firecracker, firecracker, boom-boom-boom!
    The boys got the muscles!
    The teachers got the brains!
    The girls got the sexy legs, and WE WON THE GAME!

  • I actually used to check this book out from my middle school library. The sad thing is that I was in middle school in the mid-90’s.