Global Warning

Global Warning Pop-Up Book - Cover


The Global Warning : A Pop-Up Book of Our Endangered Planet

Submitter: Sadly, we came upon this book when it was recently returned to the library by a family. Pop-up books in general are bad ideas for libraries because they never last very long. This one would have been weeded on condition alone. But, the subject matter and demonstrative pull tabs showing, among other things, acid rain, deforestation, whale hunting, and baby seal clubbing made it a candidate for this blog. The bulldozer pull-tab knocks over trees. The deforestation pull-tab was broken so I did not take a photo of it. We are a small botanical and horticultural special library and we do have a children’s collection. This title is no longer a part of it.

Holly: Oh good! You can interact with the book and get your deforestation and baby seal clubbing kicks without actually harming anything. So…the lesson here is that these things are bad, but they’ve made it totally fun to participate virtually.


Global Warming Pop-Up Book - a unique planet

Global Warming Pop-Up Book - deforestation

Global Warming Pop-Up Book - whales

Global Warming Pop-Up Book - seal clubbing



  1. OMG. Shades of the pet care book for children that said it was okay to hit sometimes. I shredded it—I was too horrified to share.

  2. Between the environment and the nuclear warheads, we are doomed as a species. I have sleep problems, anxiety and depression because of it, and feel helpless and miserable But that’s okay, at least we have a fun little pop-up book about how the earth is going to you-know-where in a hand basket. Yay.

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