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Getting groovy with booze

Alcohol and You

Submitter: While I do agree that junior high students need to learn about alcohol’s effects on the body, this book is so old that the students would be busy laughing at the bell-bottoms and the floral-printed snake, so the information would be lost on them. It’s time to get a book that was published in this millennium.

Holly: Some of the information in this book is just wrong now. The drinking age is wrong, for one thing, and there are plenty of beers with an alcohol content higher than 6%. It does have a lovely blue-tinted cover, though.

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9 Responses to Getting groovy with booze

  • There is a definite disconnect between the Schoolhouse-Rock-like illustrations and the reading level of the text.

  • Oh man, where to start with this one…

  • Just after looking at the illustrations in this book, I feel like I need a drink. It is an important topic however, and something more
    current needs to replace this.

  • What on earth is the guy cowering in the corner with scary creatures closing in on? Absinthe?

  • Whoa, alcohol makes you more susceptible to tuberculosis! And flowery snake attacks.

    The kids on the cover are super creepy.

  • I do like how they teach you the principals of making alcohol in case you’d rather build your own still. Maybe if you can brew your own then its fine to get drunk.

  • If I got a floral-patterned snake as a delirium tremens (I can’t imagine what else that picture could be trying to illustrate), I’d probably be cowering in the corner too! Oy vey.