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Get Your Party On

The Master Banquet and Party Book

Submitter: Another winner I weeded out of our high school library. The cover is pretty generic so I scanned the title page instead. This thing is so hilarious, it was hard to decide which pages to scan. I included part of the “Rattling Good Banquet” for New Year’s Eve (the selection of a “hefty” young man to play the Baby New Year is particularly non-P.C), the “Waist-Whittling Banquet” (check out the menu) and the “Fan-ciful Banquet” (complete with another fat man joke and a reference to being “really Jappy” … yikes!)

Holly: Why on earth would this be in a high school library?  The contents are absolutely ridiculous.  Jappy? Really?? This is a prime example of why we weed.  It’s easy for librarians who hate to weed to ignore this kind of thing.  They know it’s outdated, but probably don’t realize that it’s downright harmful.  No high school student needs to be exposed to this.

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9 Responses to Get Your Party On

  • The ideas in this book are truly horrible!

  • Perhaps a bit too silly for today’s audience (and a bit too structured) but I thik it’s a shame that these elaborate theme parties have fallen so out of favor.

    Of course, this and other similar books were published by the Dennison Co. to sell their crepe paper and party supplies. In the 1930’s books they gave directions on how to construct some stunning art deco outfits such as “The Electric Maid and Mr Radio Man”

  • Oh, the elaborate party is alive & well in the South… It’s called cotillion! My daughter was just invited to join & some of the highlights mentioned in the pamphlet include “how to behave at a tennis match or other sporting events” & “manners for dining on The Continent”. There was no derogatory mention of Asians though.

    This book probably should be weeded because even though party manners don’t go out of style, making fun of weight or ethnicity is never appropriate.

  • Yes, I do believe at my next party I’ll have everyone state their weights and what they weighed at 18. After all, it wouldn’t be in a party book if it weren’t a good idea, right?

  • Outdated? You just know today’s teens are dying for “a pioneer banquet” or “a new spud shindig” or a “souvenir spoon party.” Especially if they’re thrown by the host who made them wear a baby bib or listen to a lecture on starches at the last party.

  • The “How Dry I Am-er” is a reference to an old drinking song. The Electric Maid sounds like a porno.

  • Did the term “Jappy” remind anybody else of Mickey Rooney’s contemporaneous performance, in yellow face, as Mr. Yunioshi in Breakfast at Tiffany’s? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/I.Y._Yunioshi

  • To add insult to injury “Chicken Chow Mein” is not even a Japanese food! I certainly never saw that old relic from the seventies, the shrimp cocktail, on any menus when I lived there. (Thank goodness…worst dish ever invented!)

  • Perfectly awful — it was likely outdated in 1959! Who has ever heard someone say “rattling” instead of “jolly” as in “For he’s a…fellow?” The parties on the pages shown sound dreadful. Eric SS, I don’t think it is the same Den(n)ison but it is logical to think that these wretched occasions were dreamed up with an ulterior motive.