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Gardens Without Soil

Gardens Without Soil

Gardens Without Soil
Jack Kramer

Sumitter: This book came to us with  visible mold (perhaps from all of the hydroponic planting) and the covers detached. The cover is such an unattractive color, the photo doesn’t do it justice. The containers are a fun inspiration for those interested in bringing Seventies design into their homes.

Holly: Hydroponic gardening is a legitimate subject for a public library non-fiction collection.  Mold, detached covers, and seventies design are not.  Color pictures would have been nice, too.


0 Responses to Gardens Without Soil

  • Um, I disagree with the 70s design part. I LOVE retro stuff, especially from the 70s! The loose cover and mold I can do without. But bring on the 70s stuff! Especially disco music because I’ve got Night Fever!

  • wait a minute..that second picture appears to have soil.

  • When I first read this I could have sworn it said gardens without soul…. I guess looking at the picture my first impression may have been right

  • Ha! Weeding the garden… oh my!

  • Gardening books without color photographs depress me. The plants look so dull lacking green!

  • But where is the book explaining how to make the macrame plant holders?

  • Wait, i found one at the Rochester Public Library! thanks, worldcat!

  • I think my mum actually owns a copy of that book – but she did buy it in the seventies!

  • What’s with the random chair in the second picture? Is that for the gardener to sit and relaxon after all that “soil-less” planting? They do appear to have soil though…hmm

  • It’s kind of hard to tell what with the black and white pictures, but to me rather then soil, those looks like rocks. For some reason lots of people “plant” things in either rocks or marbles instead of potting soil.

    I’ve actually never had any success this way. The bulbs always rot because they’re in too much direct contact with the water.

  • my dog would knock those planters over in about 10 seconds,then my cats would take a dump in them right after.

  • Historically, all of those plants, and many more, died from pot smoke.