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Futuristic Home Decor

Interiors for Today

This was found at http://www.woot.com/Blog/ViewEntry.aspx?Id=17784. Unfortunately, it is still available in a variety of libraries around the country. These seem pretty futuristic for “Today” as the title suggests. “Interiors for Today” on Krypton, maybe?



31 Responses to Futuristic Home Decor

  • I LOVE books like this. I’ve posted several scans from books I found in my university library. http://www.retrohound.com/category/architecture/

  • I’d love this book, or one of those houses. But what’s with the rock overhang in the second photo? It looks like that living room has an adjoining cave.

  • I don’t think this is awful at all! I would snag that fireplace out of the second picture in a hot second, along with a ton of other things in this book.

  • Hey! My rug made out of a dead zebra is my favorite creepy ultra-modern decor item!

  • See, I actually wish my library had this book. Maybe I could pick it up in the Friends of the Library sale…

  • The future involves Zevra skin? who would have guessed……

  • I love THE CAVE. That is definitely what my house needs–to be relocated so that it’s built halfway into some cave. Then I can live like a James Bond villan!

  • I think I saw that whole black and white and shiny Zebra thing on a HGTV design show very recently!

  • It’s retro-futuristic! Is anyone else thinking of the set of Woody Allen’s movie “Sleeper?”

  • I think that second cave picture looks like Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru’s house.

  • I’m pretty sure most of these pictures were taken on the set of “Soylent Green” . . . not that I’m complaining.

  • This is kind of spot on for 70s architecture and decor. I have seen homes designed in the 70s that look like this. I love stuff like this and wouldn’t mind decorating my living room like the cover.

  • Unfortunately, this crap…err, STYLE…is coming back. You know the trite old phrase, “Everything new is old again”? Well, this is it!

  • Whoa! Jetson’s decor has been in, out, in, out and back in again! But I would have to side with Feng Shui and object to the mirrored walls in the bedroom. Car headlights at night would turn your room into Disneyland!

  • As Lilek once said regarding a similar book, “Nothing says ‘yesterday’ like something that used to say ‘tomorrow’.”

  • What, no orgasmatron?

  • Let’s see, I’ll take the stairs in room one – but I’ll add a railing on either side and make sure the stairs are “closed” so my dog Minnie doesn’t slip through. In room two I like the couch but I want it in purple. Just the glasses from room three – I collect vintage glassware. Room four kind of sucks but I do like that teeny tiny clock. Finally, I want the table lamps from room five.

    Anymore pictures so I can see how I want to do my walls and such?

    Keep in mind, folks, I have a disco ball in my bedroom.

  • These 70s visions of ‘The Year 2000’ make me think of the fabulous short story ‘Tomorrow Town’ (which is at http://www.johnnyalucard.com/tomorrow.html )

  • Is that Xanadu House I spy in the cave picture?

    Also, most of this stuff can still be bought at Ikea.

  • The future is zebra roadkill and a boxing glove mounted on a plinth? Who knew?

  • @Julie – I was thinking the exact same thing! Picture 2 totally looks like Luke Skywalker’s childhood home on Tattooine.

  • I’m wondering if the green fluffy thing on the bed is some kind of futuristic dog/soylent green hybrid?
    Soylent green is fluuffffyyyyyy!

  • These photos look like they are straight out of James Lilek’s “Interior Desecrations” book, which I love and laughed out loud reading. I say it’s a keeper. This is the sort of book I love to check out of the library vs. actually owning.

  • Interiors For Battlestar Galactica.

  • I suspect the green fuzzy things are Tribbles!

  • @ Kata – I’m guessing it’s the “daggett” from the original Battlestar Galactica (pre-robotic reconstruction!)…

  • I love every one of these rooms. Ok, I could do with slightly less reflective wallpaper, and definitely no tiger skin rug, but other than that, I love it.

  • I always cringe when I see books like these. Not for the reasons everyone else does, but because I think rooms like these look cool and I know everyone else will totally trash them. I’d much have a room with some originality and uniqueness to it (all right, maybe not the zebra-print rug) than one of those generic granite-and-stainless-steel yuppie McMansions. [yawn]

  • I love looking at these interiors! They are really interesting and show a lot a of creative thought on the side of the designer, though I am just not so sure that the furntiture is really that comfortable.

  • The second picture has a very nasty asbestos ceiling. No thanks!

  • Endangered species will become carpeting in the home of the future…