Furry Fear

furry novelties craft book cover

You Can Make Furry Novelties

When ever I hear the word furry, I immediately think of the the bizarre world of “furries” and not the ever so “delightful” creatures pictured here. Aside from giving me some lovely ideas for Holly’s next birthday present, I am thinking that these aren’t just dated, they are SCARY! Someone, please do something to fix that bunny’s face. Is that blood dripping from its mouth? Is it really a bunny?


fuzzy pink wreath and matching tree

furry animal novelties

furry novelties construction



  1. Can we maybe take the word “bizarre” out of the reference to adults who have consensual sex that isn’t harming anyone? It smacks of prejudice and small-mindedness.

    1. also most furries don’t even have fursuits or aren’t even interested in owning one, let alone doing anything freaky with one (also they’re super expensive and hot inside, pretty much the least ideal thing to bang in)

    2. For most furries, it’s not even a sexual thing. They just enjoy role-playing in an imaginary world that is simpler and happier than real life. It’s basically the same as any other role-playing game, just a different scenario — playing at being anthropomorphic animals rather than elves or superheroes or whatever.

  2. I miss Zimm’s craft store here in Salt Lake, the Zimmerman publisher of this. My mom made me the bear plaque on the cover when I was little. I loved it. Thanks for the nostalgia hit.

  3. I’ve spent my whole life drawing cartoons of “humanized” animals but now I’m afraid doing so publicly will get me labeled as a furry by trolls and bullies. All the innocence and wholesomeness is gone. What a stupid world.

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