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Fun With Feet

Family Foot Care Book
Schneider and Sussman

Submitter: Awful enough for you? Probably not…   It actually seems like a useful book. Just that it has a silly cover that’s somehow meant to be appealing… and perhaps it was, in 1983. Thankfully, Mr. Curly-head Hairy-legs on the left isn’t featured in the book; all the illustrations are line drawings! The treatments seem reasonable, although the page about checking babies for foot problems by inspecting the number and even-ness of the creases under their buttocks is a little strange. And I suspect at least a few things have changed in 24 years; I’m sure nobody wants to find out the hard way that a medical book is outdated. Anyway, for better or worse, people at our branch just aren’t self-treating their foot problems these days via the 617.58s, so we have withdrawn the book. I brought it home, though, in case I ever feel like reading about corns, callouses, warts, bunions, general foot hygiene, and much more, as the cover promises! I’m sure it will be a pleasant book to browse.

Holly: Ha ha!  Mr. Curly-head Hairy Legs could use a tan.  Yes, useful enough in 1983.  An update would be a reasonable choice for a public library, too.  Sometimes, ALB fans, books just strike you as funny for one reason or another.  Thank you, submitter, for your unique take on what others might have overlooked as just another foot book.  Enjoy your browsing.

0 Responses to Fun With Feet

  • I just think it is gross to think about people have been picking their callouses, warts, bunions and corns and then touching this book. Reason enough to weed this book then go wash your hands with soap and water then use some hand sanitizer. ich!

  • 1983 was 27 years ago…if it was only 24 years ago, I wouldn’t be so bummed out about my birthday next week!

  • Do my eyes deceive me, or does Mr. Curly-head Hairy Legs have painted toenails?

  • Not the type of cover that’s going to get you excited about reading this book.

  • I just love how pregnancy is considered a foot problem. Somebody needs some anatomy lessons…

    (I know, they’re referring to foot problems during pregnancy, but that’s not how the subtitle reads!)

  • I can just imagine the teens in the cover photo, “Hey Mom! For a fun family activity can we all take off our shoes and look at our feet? It would be so rad!”

  • I’m having trouble imagining anyone who would ever, ever perform an active search after this title. People looking for a foot care book are going to be concerned about a particular clinical problem, not wanting a general guide to preventive care. The publisher seems to have imagined a completely non-existent market, and that’s not an 80s problem.

    The “family” aspect in particular falls completely flat. If anything it only narrows the potential set of readers rather than making the thing more accessible…. What, I’m searching for something about my corns and now I need to have children? Huh? Children with wrinkly buttocks? What now?

  • orange legs and feet -must be using spray tan.