Fun Party Themes for All Occasions

The Party Planner coverThe Party Planner

Would anyone relate to any of the games or themes today? Probably not. Like fashion, parties and entertaining also age. Some of the sample party themes: Come as your mother (Eww), Clowns (no thanks), Rabbits (why?) and “Hard Times” (aka “make fun of poverty”). I kept waiting for another theme like nuclear annihilation or terrorism. Also, I did not retouch the colors of the pages, they really are that yellow.



The Party Planner inside flap

Parties for pizza-age people

Come as your mama party

Come as your mama party



  1. It would be fun to find this at a garage or library sale, just to read. And it actually might have some fun craft ideas. This book was definitely written for kids born in the late 50s and early 60s. They would have loved it. But, it doesn’t belong on the shelves of a library anymore!
    Little girls and boys do love dress-up, and mine (now teens) had a huge box of stuff we picked up at thrift stores, or garage sales. Come to think of it, I have a muskrat stole in my closet right now. I forgot to sell it after my mother died. Who would have thought they made coats and stoles from muskrat?
    Oh, the old “hobo” costume… the what to wear on Halloween when I don’t have a costume hobo. In the 60s that was a common one for kids in my neighborhood, and we had never ever seen a real hobo or even a homeless person then!
    The girls get a tuna can’s worth of food, while the boys get a pound of it? Why is the hobo food all orange?

  2. I actually have this book and another thicker one that’s an encyclopedia of fun and games from the 1940’s. Despite the obviously dated items and language, there are lots of party ideas and games that stand the test of time and I use the books quite often when looking for games and activities for kids. I just skip the ones where they refer to characters from popular radio programs :-).

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