From Gasbags to Spaceships

Gasbags to Spaceships coverFrom Gasbags to Spaceships: The Story of the U.S. Air Force

Submitter: Aside from the giggle inducing title, this is a pretty good historical look at the Air Force.  The problem is, it ends in 1968 and we are in 2013!  Any book that says we haven’t reached the moon yet is an automatic weed, esp. in a high school library.

Holly: Agree!  If I saw this in a high school library, my opinion of the school’s curriculum and the education my child was going to get there would be pretty tarnished.  Do your school proud!  Weed!

Pages 188 to 189



  1. They’re claiming the Montgolfers as being part of the USAF? That’s what that balloon on the left looks like with the French embellishments under the netting.

  2. I love those prosaic last two paragraphs – very much how Gene Rodenberry must have been feeling when he created “Star Trek”.

  3. O how I wish they had gone for Mars and Venus! I grew up thinking I’d have holidays on Mars by now. Or, at least, on the Moon, enjoying the wonderful low-G rollercoaster and/or waterworld theme parks (part swimming, part flying…)


    We sat down and calculated one day. It would work! It could still work! Yes, a huge investment, but then a big heap of cash in return.
    Someone, please take my money and build it, please?

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