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Friday Fiction: An X-Rated Romance

An X-Rated Romance

The reason I picked up this book is, of course, the cover. Creepy doesn’t begin to describe the ick factor about the title and cover. Note the sexy teacher’s expression. <shudders> Sara, our teen protagonist, has a huge crush on Mr. Garfield. She and her bestie, Emily have decided to up their game with a seduction. (The concept of seduction was still vague for these girls.) This, of course, requires planning a way of getting Mrs. Sexy Teacher out of the way. Unbelievable shenanigans follow: de-pantsing, mild stalking, ridiculous dieting, and rubber bands in a salad. Note: When looking for a review, I stumbled upon the site Lost Classics of Teen Lit and then proceeded to spend too much time reading and sifting through this site. Do yourself a favor and check it out.

By the way, the copy I had checked out was taped and processed within an inch of its life. There was a date due sheet and an envelope. The first checkout on the card was 1986. My personal feeling is that teen fiction should be as current as possible. Even if you are a conservative weeder, I can’t believe this paperback relic survived automation and RFID and no one thought maybe it was time to let it go.

Maybe the audience of 40-something librarians will revive this “classic.”


back cover

interior text

9 Responses to Friday Fiction: An X-Rated Romance

  • Rubber bands in the salad? Orthodontic or the big blue kind used to corral the broccoli?

  • The girl in the sky blue turtleneck looks awkward; it appears that she is using her long hair to conceal a hunchback.

  • It sounds pretty dumb (and tame) but imagine how it must have been banned by schools and parents because of the title. And would any 12 year old girl want to read it in public?

  • I’m guessing Mr Garfield didn’t even notice all the scheming, and our hero finds a boy her own age. At least, that’s what I hope happens.

  • It looks to me as if all the heads on the cover were, in those pre-Photoshop days, physically cut and pasted onto bodies that are slightly too small for them, and badly positioned at that.

  • Darn, it doesn’t sound like it lives up to the racy title. It’s probably a fun read though.

  • Actresses spend a lot of time eye rolling only in Rankin Bass cartoons, girls.
    also, if two sisters are only a year apart Mom only had three months between pregnancies….

  • Looks like the late, great David Bowie posed for the cover.

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