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Friday Fiction: Wolf at the Door


Wolf at the Door

Again we have nice set up: Our gal Kelly is ready to take on a Canadian mining camp where she is to be in charge of catering for all those hungry miners. Her dad is sick and she is covering for him. Grey Scofield (yes, that is his real name!) thinks she isn’t qualified and treats her like dirt. Naturally, she is attracted to this jerk. You know the type: tough exterior but “misunderstood”. He just needs the right woman to unlock his “charm”.  By the end of the book these two are hitched.  Seriously, Kelly, you can do better, than a Bert Convy knockoff.


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6 Responses to Friday Fiction: Wolf at the Door

  • Typo above, perhaps? The woman, I could maybe see it, but if there were men that dressed like that in 1961, surely they weren’t being put on romance covers. So I googled the book, and it looks like the actual publication date is 1981, which makes our guy’s fluffy ‘do and chest-hair exposure make a whole lot more sense. A last gasp of the ’70s, I’d say — he was going to have to update his look soon!

  • Fixed! Thanks.

  • Kelly may look young for her age, but Grey looks like he’s in his 40’s at least.

  • He doesn’t think she’s qualified to *cook*? That seems above and beyond even for a chauvinist pig! I thought those types were all about assuming that’s just what all women should do!

  • Burt Convoy? I was leaning towards (figurtively speaking) Michael Landon.

  • She kinda looks like my dachshund. Except not as cute.