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Friday Fiction – Will You Be My Brussels Sprout?

Will You Be My Brussels Sprout coverWill You Be My Brussels Sprout

Submitter: The reasons we find it awful:

  • The awful grunge era cover art
  • The awful title (a follow-up from I am an Artichoke)
  • The cheesiness of the storyline “think how much better you will play after you’ve opened up more, opened up to love”
  • What do Brussels sprouts have to do with anything?
  • The fact that our library has 2 copies of this!

Holly: This came from a middle school library, and I have to agree with them on all counts.  It’s dated.  Sure, a few teens might go for this kind of thing, but in school libraries where budgets and space are tight, this is a reasonable weed.  Kids who were in middle school in 1996 (anywhere from 12 to 14 years old) when this book was written are now 28 to 30 years old. (See, I can do math!)  If the books in the school library are older than the kids they are meant for, they should be *considered* for weeding. (*Yes, there are exceptions!)

Will You Be My Brussels Sprout inside flap

Will You Be My Brussels Sprout chapter 1

Will You Be My Brussels Sprout exerpt

15 Responses to Friday Fiction – Will You Be My Brussels Sprout?

  • Math spot on–I read this book several times as a teen and am now 28. It is dated, but I really enjoyed these back then.

  • Are the characters French? I know that some pet word, like sweety or such, in French really translates to “my little cabbage.” I don’t remember the word! That doesn’t explain Artichoke, unless that too has a cute French word for it.

    This and the Artichoke title get pretty good reviews on Amazon! New cover art on them there. Of course, the reviews are over 10 years old!

  • I thought you were joking about the Artichoke book. Omg!

  • Isn’t it “brussel” sprout? I think it is singular, not plural. The French word is, “petit chou”, little cabbage. My oldest daughter would have been the right age for this, but, the book never appeared in my house. Maybe it’s a book for vegetarians.

  • The cover art for the artichoke book scares me! The half-vegetable lady looks like she wants to eat your face.

  • Reminds me of a billboard I saw for Sabine Belgian Airlines one time outside of O’Hare…

    Out of Brussels Sprouts Europe

  • I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the cover. The book looks in good shape, why not keep it?

    The artichoke cover is bad though.

    And no, it is Brussels. The city is Brussels.

  • I have recently had to make the “[I]f the books in the school library are older than the kids they are meant for” argument, only about staplers instead of books. I don’t know if I’m getting new staplers or not, they have to be approved by the dean.

    I miss the old days, when we had money.

  • I just realized, the last image could be out of the “Plant People” book from some years ago.

  • You SO left us hanging on that last page! “Before I met you, my most intimate relationship was with…” what??? A hamster? Your sister? My teddy bear? A poster of the Backstreet Boys? My cello? An artichoke? Something we oughtn’t mention in comments?

  • The girl on the cover looks like she wants to say “uhh no” when the guy asks her about being his brussel sprout.

  • How come he didn’t ask her to be a “tater tot”?

  • Because Tater Tot is a registered trademark of the Ore-Ida company!

  • When I was in college, those guys with granny glasses and scarves gave me the creeps!

  • Haha – I’m with Masha – who/what was it with!?!? I’m guessing it was her cello.