Friday Fiction: Too Many Boys!

Too Many Boys  coverToo Many Boys

What an awful problem! Too many boys want to date you….

Nan and her college boyfriend Mac, are going to try the long distance thing. Nan’s idea is if she is too busy with clubs and other activities she won’t miss Mac. Of course this plan goes bad because EVERYONE wants to date her. Will she stay true? Will she cave to one of those guys from her clubs? I am on the edge of my seat!


Too Many Boys back cover

Too Many Boys teaser

Too Many Boys excerpt



  1. The Sweet Dreams books were one of my favorites growing up. My junior high library carried some, but they were always checked out! I bought several of them. I don’t remember one, though.

  2. When I was a young teen bookworm with zero romantic prospects, what I definitely needed was a book about a girl who’s SWARMING with boys! You know, something I could relate to.

  3. Mac is fortunate that NY has fairly liberal age of consent laws. In some states that two year age difference would get him in trouble. (Did anyone in the Sweet Dreams series ever have sex?)

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