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Friday Fiction – The Town is On Fire

The Town is On Fire

Submitter: This is from the 70’s. I just thought it was a rather stunning picture. It looks like Mark Hamill and Mick Jagger and I don’t even know who that scary guy in the back is? According to the book flap they’re supposed to be teenagers and one of them is supposed to be a girl. And they’re solving a mystery of who is causing mining accidents in their town, rather than surviving a dystopia?

Holly: Wow, that cover is something else! I guess that’s the girl in the back. She seems a little happier about the situation than the fellas do. They all kind of look like zombies, though, so who knows? Worldcat says it’s a book about burning underground coalfields in Pennsylvania and some murders that these high school kids get involved in trying to solve. Good luck, kids!

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