Friday Fiction: The Hoods Come Calling

Hoods Come Calling coverThe Hoods Come Calling

Nick Quarry is a pseudonym for the author Marvin Albert. I love the name Nick Quarry! It sounds about as badass as his main character, Jake Barrow.  This is your basic hard boiled detective with a questionable past. The story is that Jake is trying to get $1600 from his estranged wife. He has a joint account and seems surprised that she helped herself while he had taken off. Unfortunately, this poor woman turns up dead (probably because she was a gold digging tramp) and everyone from the cops to his estranged wife’s questionable “friends” are after him. This is a great example of the hard boiled pulps of the 1950s. Good stuff for a weekend read.


Hoods Come Calling back cover

Hoods Come Calling teaser

Hoods Come Calling excerpt



  1. No, Albert! Her “small” perfect breasts! That was interesting to me, that in 1958 small breasts and large hips were the standard of beauty. Either than, or Jake was different!

  2. The H & I are in yellow to say “Hi,” and I guess the pink N is to say “Hi, Nick.” The height of clever cover design!
    So typically hard-boiled in that Nick takes in her body (those hips! those breasts!) before noticing her face.

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