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Friday Fiction: Teen Furries

Animal Attraction coverAnimal Attraction

I admit it. I totally judged this book based on the fact that it was a girl looking for romance dressed in a beaver costume called Eager Beaver. Shame on me. I did read a couple of chapters and it is cute and perfect for a teen romance (at least so far). I will see if the author can sustain the humor.


Animal Attraction back cover

Animal Attraction chapter 4

Animal Attraction excerpt

4 Responses to Friday Fiction: Teen Furries

  • These romantic comedies are really popular at my library! They are beginning to be dated, but luckily paperbacks tend to be self-weeding. . . .

  • Given the book’s publication date, there is NO way that double entendre would be missed by the author or its audience (guessing pre- & early teens?) Expecting a lot more eager beaver references in later chapters that’ll elicit a Beavis & Butthead chuckle or an eye-rolling groan.

  • Now I’m curious about why the narrator had to give up the Mermaid Show gig. My top theory is that her parents forbade it on grounds of excessive sexiness, but I hope someone who has read the book will tell me.

    • My guess on why her job changed (from the text) is that the Mermaid gig didn’t pay enough, since she says she owes her parents money and is begging for a better paying job. Haven’t read the book, but from the excerpt that’s what it seems to me.