Friday Fiction: Teen Furries

Animal Attraction coverAnimal Attraction

I admit it. I totally judged this book based on the fact that it was a girl looking for romance dressed in a beaver costume called Eager Beaver. Shame on me. I did read a couple of chapters and it is cute and perfect for a teen romance (at least so far). I will see if the author can sustain the humor.


Animal Attraction back cover

Animal Attraction chapter 4

Animal Attraction excerpt



  1. These romantic comedies are really popular at my library! They are beginning to be dated, but luckily paperbacks tend to be self-weeding. . . .

  2. Given the book’s publication date, there is NO way that double entendre would be missed by the author or its audience (guessing pre- & early teens?) Expecting a lot more eager beaver references in later chapters that’ll elicit a Beavis & Butthead chuckle or an eye-rolling groan.

  3. Now I’m curious about why the narrator had to give up the Mermaid Show gig. My top theory is that her parents forbade it on grounds of excessive sexiness, but I hope someone who has read the book will tell me.

    1. My guess on why her job changed (from the text) is that the Mermaid gig didn’t pay enough, since she says she owes her parents money and is begging for a better paying job. Haven’t read the book, but from the excerpt that’s what it seems to me.

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