Friday Fiction: Suddenly Love

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Suddenly Love coverSuddenly Love

This time our “meet cute” features our gal Beth hitting her guy–with her car. Fortunately, he is not hurt and she tends to the few scrapes with some basic first aid. Then the flirting begins. She then realizes she is hanging out with no less than superstar actor, racecar driver, model, heir to a wine fortune and general hot guy, Corey Fletcher. Oh yeah and he exudes “raw sexual power”. What is not to love?

Even though the couple on this cover look like they are in terrible pain, I think these two kids will end up together.



Suddenly Love back cover

Suddenly Love story teaser

Suddenly Love exerpt


  1. I dunno, as far as trashy romances go, this one looks like a pretty fun read. Nowhere near as creepy as last week’s FF. However, it always bugs me when the characters are described as looking a certain way in the book and then cover art depicts them as totally different. That lady does NOT look like Princess Diana. Morgan Fairchild maybe, but not Princess Di.

    1. Maybe the cover artists don’t have to read the books LOL? But yes, this one seems more appealing than last week’s — and the people on the cover are nowhere near as ugly as those two. I would never have opened a book that had those repulsive heads on the front. I suppose I could be overly sensitive, due to my formative youthful experience buying coverless paperbacks at a corner store (a “spa” in local parlance) for 10 cents each (and I could sell them back for a nickel — I eventually learned to put a mark somewhere so I wouldn’t buy them back :-)) ?? Covers were rare and warranted attention!

  2. I find medical books that show graphic images of disease and surgery less stomach turning than romance novels, but if some people like reading them…

    1. Try Bluhell if you’re on Firefox. It’s what I’ve got and it doesn’t block the content images.

  3. You can’t fool me, Rebecca Flanders. That’s not Corey Fletcher on that cover, it’s Chuck Norris!

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