Friday Fiction: Seven Footprints to Satan

Seven Footprints to Satan coverSeven Footprints to Satan
1928 (original copyright)
1950 (reprint)

Another fabulous cover for your consideration. James Kirkam, an intrepid explorer, is in New York City. Unfortunately, he senses he is being watched. Suddenly he finds himself face to face with a criminal mastermind who calls himself Satan. The life of the beautiful debutante, Eve, is also on the line. The seven footprints is a cruel game where the victim either saves himself or ends up in Satan’s clutches forever. A. Merrit was a big seller back in the day and was known for fantasy/crime pulp novels.

Project Gutenburg Australia has the complete ebook on line at

Read, if you dare!


Seven Footprints to Satan back cover

Seven Footprints to Satan characters

Seven Footprints to Satan excerpt



  1. Actually I think this was Merritt’s only crime novel. It’s solid entertainment though–Merritt was a terrific writer.

  2. More “water bugs” in print! This one is golden though.

    Also, mentioning Sax Rohmer makes me wonder if Satan is revealed to have a yellow tinged skin.

    1. No,IIRC, but he’s very much in the same style–super-schemer with a vast web of agents, seemingly invincible.

  3. I just wanted to let you know that I spent an entire darned evening reading the Gutenberg copy on my computer, and it was fun.
    What a cute/weird/sinister/casually racist/kitschy book!

  4. He looks like the type of person who would steal plutonium and hold the world hostage for a ransom of one MILLION dollars!

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