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Friday Fiction: Recipe For Love


Recipe For Love

This time we have a chef in Houston out to take the world by storm with her innovative cooking. Of course she is a hard driving woman with no time for romance. But one kiss and she is not so sure anymore.

What drew me to this book was the cover. I can’t get over how much he looks like one of those traditional pictures of Jesus with a spray tan and bad jeans. Not exactly where my mind needs to be, if you are reading a romance.

I am a fan of romance and read a lot of these types of books as a teen. As an adult they are so dated, so I can’t imagine too many folks would be interested for a collection. The genre is so much better now.



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13 Responses to Friday Fiction: Recipe For Love

  • My favorite line there has to be, “Catering to the intellectuals of the Rice University area…”
    Because “intellectuals” appreciate a good restaurant more than the average Joe?

    The Ph.D’s name is DW, so I just think of Arthur’s little sister (aardvark Arthur)!

  • I thought of Arthur’s little sister too! Also my favorite bit is about the “hollow ring of success.” Because, you know, what’s a successful, fulfilling career and personal independence and satisfaction when you could make out with an illustration of Jesus named after an aardvark?

  • “The hollow ring of sucess”?

  • Jesus? More like Kris Kristofferson. With a brunette, bobbed Kim Cattrell.

  • “Carpetbagger”? Is she Scarlett O’Hara?
    Houstonian here, BTW, and bemused to see the Rice U. reference. And for the record, Texas women ARE short and to the point.

  • I completely agree, he looks a lot like many Jesus illustrations I’ve seen. Not sure how no one noticed that until it was published. On a side note, after so many other creepy romance novels it was a refreshing change that when she said she was leaving to go to the bank, he didn’t turn into an abusive jerk and actually let her go to the darn bank.

  • If it helps you any, the traditional image we think of as Jesus isn’t him. It’s Cesare Borgia.

  • The hero seems far nicer than they usually are in these books. Maybe it’s related to the fact that he looks like Jesus?

  • Someone liked it, there’s a ball point pen star on the first page!

  • Did you really read all pages and every word?

  • Jesus has quite a package there. I feel dirty now.