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Friday Fiction – Prison Nurse

prison nurse coverPrison Nurse
1959 (mass market paperback)

This was originally published in 1934, and most holdings are in academic libraries. I have no idea if the original publication sported this awesome cover art.  I love the suggestion of danger. (A shirtless man in a bed also has a few “suggestions” as well.)

I definitely have patrons that love this stuff, and we have bought many modern pulp novels for our general collection. Maybe it’s my age, but I just love the forbidden look to these novels.



prison nurse back cover

prison nurse description

prison nurse pages 6 and 7

8 Responses to Friday Fiction – Prison Nurse

  • This is fabulous. And how sweet! He’s holding back the sheets for her.

  • Maybe he is helping her change the beds.

  • You left us with a cliffhanger! What did Judy gasp?

  • D.C. – I’d say the “illegal operation” was an abortion. I assume that’s Judy’s new boyfriend?

  • I thought this was the sleeve for a porno VHS. Shows where my mind is…

  • Her bed clothes may have been damp and her heart pounding, but I am so pleased she found time to put on that dark blue eyeshadow as illustrated on the cover art before facing the vinegary Miss Hopkins!

  • Wow! Lucky Miss Hopkins! She has oatmeal (in which she apparently is swimming, as it does say she plunged into it) AND bacon AND eggs! It boggles the mind.

  • I’d have picked this up right away if I’d seen it in a thrift store. You wouldn’t believe some of the “trashy” little paperbacks I’ve found in my local Goodwill.