Friday Fiction: Nancy Runs the Bookmobile

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Nancy Runs the Bookmobile

I am a fan of bookmobiles everywhere. My childhood is full of fond memories of the librarians in my hometown (Bloomington, IL) taking the library everywhere and doing activities. Summer reading was an event. ┬áIt wasn’t until I left town and became a librarian that I realized how forward thinking and cool my hometown library was. So of course any title with bookmobile in it is going to get my attention!

I dearly wish there was some cover art to go with this gem. I plucked my copy from a university collection and I have a limited time to get it read. It looks adorable.


nancy bookmobile




  1. I remember Bookmobiles fondly, too. Ours used to come around the neighborhood and we’d get to take out books without having to go to the library. I always thought it was an ice cream truck, but with books rather than ice cream. Instead of bookmobiles now, there are “branches” of the library – that some people still can’t get to. No more bookmobiles though. I guess fuel prices make them a no-go nowadays.

  2. I used to LOVE the bookmobile! It’s too bad they don’t still provide that service (or do they?). I grew up in the 60’s, so that’s how long ago that was.

  3. Hehe, another one of these! She didn’t run across Jenny Williams from the other young librarian book did she?

  4. I love how the bookmobile librarian has to be “a big, strong woman” to be able to drive a truck. And the fact that the only reason she gets to drive the truck herself is because it would be too expensive to hire a man to drive it for her.

  5. Last summer the library I work for did a bikemobile at the local farmer’s market. One of our librarians rode down there with a trailer of books on the back of his bike and set up a colourful display for a few hours. He did three locations every week and apparently the public loved it.

  6. The bookmobile is one of the bright memories I have of elementary school. Just stepping into that place was magic for me. I can still remember the smell of new books mixing with the rubber smell of the floor matt, and the rows and rows of books just waiting for me.

    That, and the Scholastic Book Club catalog were the two things I looked forward to more than anything during the school year.

  7. Shrike58 shared a link which shows the cover art, but you can see it bigger on Amazon:

    I still remember the neighborhood stop for the Bookmobile when I was a kid. It came to our school once a week also. It was so cool to walk in and see a vehicle lined with shelves of books. So sad that they are no more. Most libraries do offer services to get books to people who can’t get to the library, but I doubt that gets books into the hands of children as much as the bookmobile did.

  8. We don’t have a bookmobile in my area, but a bookmobile still goes to my in-laws’ house in small town/rural Kentucky!

  9. I misread the title as “Nancy Ruins the Bookmobile”.

    Actually, that could be a rather entertaining book as well.

  10. Oh, yes, there are still bookmobiles. Our city of over 200,000, which has a central library as well as branches, also uses bookmobiles. Isn’t that quite wonderful?

  11. @Lisa, the cover art is great! I love how the mobs of kids are just sprinting toward the bookmobile, they are so excited to get in there and get their books!!! And @Jim T, I also think that “Nancy Ruins the Bookmobile” sounds like a book I’d like to read! I’m already curious to find out what the heck she does to ruin it.

  12. The Los Angeles County library system still has at least 3 bookmobiles! I haven’t been in one myself but I’d like to, just so I can see what it’s like!

  13. The Pikes Peak Library District in Colorado Springs, Colorado has operated Bookmobiles – now called Mobile Libraries – since 1954. We offer services to senior residences and neighborhoods in the city and to schools and small towns in the rural area of El Paso County. In 2008 we began a Lobby Stop service to assisted living facilities, taking carts of materials in a 26-ft Sprinter van as well as presenting 30-minute programs. In October 2012 the Association of Bookmobiles and Outreach Services held its annual conference in Richmond, Virginia. Bookmobiles continue to provide excellent customer service! We provide DVDs, cd-books, cd-music, magazines, games (!!!) in addition to books!

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