Friday Fiction: Master of the Marshlands

Master of Marshlands coverMaster of the Marshlands

This romance is pretty much standard for this genre in the old days. Jerky guy somehows turns on reasonably nice woman. Sparks fly because jerky guy is super attractive. Reasonably nice woman then finds out that jerky guy is either “misunderstood” or hiding some kind secret all of which exonerates his behavior. She does have some responsiblity for this, since she was so darn attractive and “led him on”. Naturally, jerky guy knows she really wants him. Cue the music.



Master of Marshlands back cover

Master of Marshlands exerpt

Master of  Marshlands exerpt

Master of  Marshlands exerpt



  1. Yep, just the kind of guy I’m looking for…someone who doesn’t listen to me when I say “no” or “stop”.

    Books like this set women up to be prime targets for abusive relationships.

  2. Ah, yes, no better way to a girl’s heart than to be a condescending jerk-off with no respect for boundaries and a penchant for sexual assault. Excuse me, I’ll be barfing in the corner.

  3. Wellington? Are they supposed to be from New Zealand like I am? Now I want to read it so I can Britpick the English. I bet it’s full of characters saying “candy” instead of “lollies”, “holiday home” instead of “bach”, and “convenience store” instead of “dairy”.

    1. Is a convenience store called a dairy because it’s so common to run out for a gallon of milk at the nearest market? Or, do you have markets with mostly dairy products? What do you call the place with all the cows?

      What is a “bach?” I know you said “holiday home,” which is already not American English, we would say vacation home, but I can’t find a connection to “bach” there!

      I find it fascinating to find the differences between American English and British or New Zealand etc. English!

  4. Ick! This man is disgusting. Instead of cringing in her seat when he approached, I wish she would have thrown the cup and saucer at his head.

  5. Oh yay. Rapetastic alphole.

    Thank God most romances don’t have that anymore and the few that do usually get shot to pieces.

    Though sadly we still have Twilight and 50 Shades.

  6. I hate it when I fail to whip myself into a frenzy of indignation. But seriously, why are there so many ‘romances’ about controlling jerks who passive women somehow find attractive? I’m looking at you, TWILIGHT and your love child, FIFTY SHADES.

    1. I can only conclude—there are a lot of, to put it politely, painfully naive women with daddy issues, out there providing an audience. *shudder*

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