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Make Mine Love coverMake Mine Love

This cover reminds me of some kind of old Rat Pack movie. I swear that could be Dean mixing up the drinks. What really caught my eye was also the name Faber Birren. I had never heard of a name like that and then I saw the brief author note on the verso. See first picture below. Evidently Birren was a color expert. (I had no idea that was even a job.) A little bit of digging brought me to Yale University and the Faber Birren collection. Now I am intrigued!

This story is about a couple of ladies who seem to be the 50’s definition of Desperate Housewives. I particularly like the last sentence on the back cover on how this segment of society “needs probing”. I can’t wait to read all the gory details.



Make Mine Love characters

Make Mine Love exerpt

Make Mine Love about the author

Make Mine Love exerpt


  1. I worked in the Sterling Memorial Library at Yale University from 1971-1979 and am aware of the Farber Birren Color Collection. I think that I might have even cataloged a few books for this collection. I find it surprising to encounter his additional range of talents.

  2. There are relatively few copyright renewals for Faber Birren’s work, and I don’t see one for this book, so I think it’s actually in the public domain.

    With only 11 copies known by WorldCat to be in libraries, I hope someone scans this before everyone throws it out. If you don’t have the time or equipment to scan it when you’re weeding, someone else might. (I think the Internet Archive might be scanning books sent to them, but I’m not positive they’re doing that right now.) Or maybe Yale can include it in a scan of their collection.

  3. A cottage by the sea and unlimited access to… alcohol. Perhaps every man, deep in his heart, does want to be “Joe”.

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