Friday Fiction: Madeleine’s Marriage

Madeleine's Marriage coverMadeleine’s Marriage

Another reluctant bride who marries for some reason other than love. Bad boy neighbor, Joel, is causing her grief, with wild parties and a smut-talking parrot. (I am not sure how the parrot figures into her distress.)  Madeleine schemes to get rid of Joel, but ends up spending the night with him. Afraid of the scandal, Joel steps up and offers to marry her.

I was actually surprised that this pub date was as late as 1988. It feels older. I am not sure that avoiding potential scandal was enough of a marriage motivator after the 1970s.  But maybe she really liked the parrot.


Madeleine's Marriage back cover

Madeleine's Marriage teaser

Madeleine's Marriage excerpt



  1. I’m just wondering how one opens their eyes “turgidly”. Usually eyes aren’t the organs being described as turgid…

  2. Harlequin stuck with old-fashioned plots like this for much longer than anyone else. Though they added other lines that had more sex and less virginity.

  3. I would not have accessioned a book that offered free gifts on the cover, some patron would probably steal it.

    1. Cows actually have quite rough tongues. I wonder if that is what was meant? If he had stubble…When I was about 28, a cow licked my arm, and that was quite enough for me.

  4. There were fiery reports?!? *SNORT* “She knew she shouldn’t have had that burrito…” I laughed so hard I almost passed out. Also, the guy on the cover looks like Huey Lewis.

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