Friday Fiction: Invisible Wife

Invisible Wife coverInvisible Wife

Another uptight English girl, Tania,  has been whisked away by the charming Benno Massimo. He also happens to be a first rate cheater and he is hoping that Tania’s family money will keep him out of trouble. But Benno has a brother, Vincente. He is handsome and is the brains of the family glass business. He makes a deal for a marriage of convenience with Tania. Naturally, these two crazy kids are going to fall in love for real. Another romance where the women are kind of stupid, but obedient and the men are complete jerks. You know, like they should be.



Invisible Wife back cover

Invisible Wife description

Invisible Wife Pages 6-7

Invisible Wife pages 186-187



  1. Since it’s Harlequin from this period, I’m going to guess (without reading the samples) that it contains at least one rapey encounter that is totally brushed off.

  2. Wow! How … convenient, eh? that Tania overhears that conversation and he’s not even aware that she’s there.

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