Friday Fiction: High Flying Romance!

maiden flight cover art

Maiden Flight
Betty Beaty
1963 (original publication 1956)

It is been a while since we have had a Friday Fiction selection, but today is your lucky day with a romance special featuring an airline stewardess. Like most romance fiction of this period, we have a meet not-so-cute of poor, shy stewardess newbie Pamela and irritating and sexist instructor Roger. Roger evidently has a problem with women on airplanes. Of course, he offers nothing but “helpful” criticism, with a side of condescension. You know, because it’s for her own good. By the last page, Pamela is an “adult” and understands Roger and his motives for being a jerk. Naturally, he proposes marriage and all is right with the world.

I feel like this should have a warning label that your feminist sensibilities might explode.


maiden flight back cover



  1. Lucky day?? I find medical books full of gory pictures less stomach-turning than romance novels. 🙂

  2. Love the Friday Harlequins! What I love most about this one is that it is book number 737, long before that plane was made. I wonder if this is where Boeing got the idea for the name?

  3. It said that they “rolled up their notebooks.” Odd sort of notebook, I’d say. Even in 1956 there were normal notebooks (but maybe not in Canada?).

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