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Friday Fiction: Her Bodyguard

Her Bodyguard

Does the guy on the cover look like Ben Affleck?

Anyway, this time our heroine in question is Gillian. She is on a quest to find her birth mother and her suspicions bring her to Soap Opera star Lara! Going undercover as a personal assistant she is on a quest to find the truth.  Trace, the bodyguard in question, is undercover (as a gigolo!) to protect hot star Lara from a psycho stalker. Sparks fly between these two, but ewww gross. What if Lara is the birth mother?  Gillian can’t get busy with Trace. It’s just too “icky”. Can Gillian trust Trace? Can Trace trust Gillian? Who is the birth mother? Who is the psycho stalker? When will everyone’s cover be blown so we can all sort this out and go home?


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