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Friday Fiction: Forbidden Friendships

The Scarecrow, the Lion, and the Tinman: A Novelette About Forbidden Friendships

Submitter: Found this gem in a highly specialized corporate library focusing on science subjects. I’m not sure if it is an advice book, a dating book, an erotic novel, or something else entirely. It was published by a local vanity press that I don’t think exists anymore. Bonus points to us because it is signed by the author!!

Holly: This is definitely a strange choice for a corporate science library! How did it get there, and why? I wish we had more internal pages to share than just the one below, since it is described as a “novelette.” The page submitted looks more like a non-fiction advice/dating book, as the submitter suggests. Is there a story here? Submitter is safe in weeding it from their library, though, don’t you think?

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10 Responses to Friday Fiction: Forbidden Friendships

  • This page seems to be the cast of characters. Sounds really thrilling ( a-hem). I have to wonder if the author worked at the corporation and wrote this wonder of a book as a hobby. . . .probably with the board of directors cleverly disguised as Nathan or Quinton, or the one and only Scarecrow. One can only hope for an early retirement to putter in the garden.

    • My guess was going to be that the author worked there, or knew somebody who did.

      I can just see the spin-off article now, asking: “Is Your Man a Lion, a Scarecrow or a Tinman?”

  • They should weed it and *immediately* mail it to me…

  • Did a previous corporate librarian put it in there for their private enjoyment, or as an Easter egg?

  • Per books.google.com, this book’s common terms and phrases are
    Accounts Payable Accounts Receivable Alex alright anymore anyway believe Bryan croissants decision Denise desk drinks emotional feel forbidden friend forbidden friendship Friday front girl give going gonna goodbye gotta Gregory guess handle happen happy happy hour hard hell homefront homegirls hurt husband Jacuzzi Jeff keep kidding knew LaNae and Monique LaNae’s laugh leave LIBIDO lion look lunch marriage married mean meet mind model figure Monique’s morning Nathan nerve never nine-thirty NTM Concepts okay pantsuit Peter pissed play pretty probably problem Quinton relationship Richard Russian roulette Sawmill scarecrow Shellie Shellie’s smile Solomon someone stay stop sure talk tell LaNae there’s thing thought tinman told tonight trying voice wait waitress walked Wednesday week what’s White Russian wife wimp woman women wrong Yeah
    It’s available at OSU: http://library.ohio-state.edu/search/o35252897

  • A quick search on Amazon shows that “like new” copies signed by the author can be bought for less than $10. So long dental plan!

  • Worldcat lists it as “Fiction,” and finds only one copy – at Ohio State University. Anyone in Ohio want to investigate?

  • the skyline in the cover looks to be a view of milwaukee from the west side…
    – from a library clerk in milwaukee
    ps we love your site!