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Fantastic Seducer coverFantastic Seducer
1963 (?)

Today’s Friday Fiction is another sleazy paperback direct from the early 1960s. I couldn’t find this particular title in World Cat, but I found other titles he wrote that I am just going to have to get. They all have awesome titles like Seductive Nymph and Victims of Lust.

Our story begins with a grouchy, unhappy, overweight man named Rene Blanc. By page 3, he has made a deal with the devil.  He will be gorgeous and irresistible to all women. The catch is he can’t fall in love or else his new found body and charismatic personality will disappear. Clever Rene develops a “love ’em and leave ’em” strategy so he won’t fall in love (as if no one ever thought of this before).  Clearly, you can see where this is headed.




Fantastic Seducer reviews

Fantastic Seducer exerpt

No woman can resist him


  1. That’s a very mild Faustian bargain. Usually people who do break the contract lose their souls.

  2. Most people who fall in love and stay with the person grow chubbier and grouchier over time… But love does tend to be blind. Speaking with some experience here – except for making a deal with the devil…

  3. I see that the price escalated ($8 marked in pencil on the, what is it called in paperbacks, can it be termed a frontispiece?) — wonder what it would be now…but aagh, that cover art!

  4. Strange, not seeing in OCLC. Clearly “an instant classic”. Author also wrote
    Seductive Nymph, only held at:


  5. I still have memories of finding an S & M version of these books, entitled “Orgy in Black” while in Middle School.

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