Friday Fiction: Factory Nurse

Factory Nurse coverFactory Nurse
1961, Harlequin Edition 1964

Since I was a teen, I have been a fan of the nurse romance. If it wasn’t for all the whiny sick people, I might have been a nurse. Lucky for me there are no whiny people in public library service.

This old fashioned romance features intrepid nurse Brigid who comes from a very upstanding family. There are lots of men in this romance universe. We have Robert, who never listens and assumes everything. His daddy needs an heir right now so he really wants to close the deal with Brigid and have her quit nursing. Then there is the handsome Dr. Morely Scott who is totally in love with her. Rounding out the trio is the crusty factory manager, Guy.

Lots of issues of marrying for love or money. God forbid a woman have more money and income than a man! Stay tuned to find out who our Brigid marries.


Factory Nurse back cover

Factory Nurse excerpt



  1. I hate to ask, but who did she wind up with? Or did she remain a nurse and live single, happily ever after? The latter is not likely in this type book, of course….

    1. Well, it would have to be that crusty factory manager. The snippy way he’s treating her obviously indicates true love.

      1. At least there’s three choices. Usually there’s only two. Mr Boring and Mr Rude. Mr Rude ends up having Hidden Depths ™ so it’s always him.

  2. “Lucky for me there are no whiny people in public library service.”

    BAAAHAHAHAHAAA. Thanks, I needed that guffaw. And I’m not even in library service.

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