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Cruise Nurse coverMarilyn Morgan, Cruise Nurse

I came across this book at a used book sale and recognized the author’s name. Rubie Saunders wrote a bunch of youth nonfiction in the early 1970s for Franklin-Watts publishers. We featured her book on good grooming for boys and a book on how to clean your room. WorldCat holding show quite a few libraries still have her nonfiction in active collections. Go ahead and retire her nonfiction.

Marilyn Morgan, Cruise Nurse is part of a four part nurse romance series Saunders wrote in the late 60s and early 70s. Like most of the romance of that era, our herioine Marilyn is a smart efficient nurse in a big city hospital. There is also a young doctor that has been in the picture. Marilyn gets an opportunity to be a nurse on a 3 week cruise and of course you can almost hear the theme to Love Boat as she meets a handsome ship’s officer.  I do love my old school nurse romances!


Cruise Nurse back cover

Cruise Nurse description


  1. Marilyn Morgan, Garage Sale Nurse
    Marilyn Morgan, Phone Booth Nurse
    Marilyn Morgan, Waiting In Line For Coffee Nurse
    Marilyn Morgan, Parking Lot Nurse
    Marilyn Morgan, One Simulated Personality Aspect of Nurse Cybernetic Collective Consciousness But Maybe None of It’s Real? (Rubie Saunders with Philip K. Dick)

  2. At least there is one positive of the book, the character isn’t a blonde white woman.
    I don’t think any of the nurse titles are as ridiculous as Night Club Nurse! It really sounds like a joke.

  3. How funny! A frieend’s sister lived this out in the 90s, only it resulted in a (now young adult) half Austraian half Italian.

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