Friday Fiction: Cover Girl Nurse

Cover Girl Nurse coverCover Girl Nurse

When our story opens Nurse Merridy Martin is relocating to Hawaii to make a fresh start. A former model and rising Hollywood beauty, Merridy  had remade her life. Her doctor boyfriend was killed in a car wreck. Merridy barely survived. After recovering, Merridy dedicated herself to becoming a nurse. No one could understand why she gave up her glamorous Hollywood lifestyle to take care of sick people.

Thanks to some connections with a nursing school buddy, she got a job at a hospital in Honolulu. Of course there was an old (she was 40!) nurse supervisor who constantly reminded her that nursing wasn’t about being pretty. Add in some cute doctors, some hospital drama and danger. Will Merridy get her second chance?  Tune in!


Cover Girl Nurse back cover

Cover Girl Nurse teaser

Cover Girl Nurse excerpt



  1. Oh dear, I think I want to read the book! I remember reading M&B in the seventies with all their euphemisims and coy allusions. I loved all the medical ones and I still have my complete collection (all seven books) of Sue Barton.

  2. Note the interesting spelling of “interne” on the back cover. The last time I saw a spurious silent E like that was for “Lenine” in a 1920s news magazine. Not sure what that says here.

    1. “Interne” with an E is a variant spelling. It was fading out rapidly by the time this book was published.

  3. Stick with the nursing kid, one day gravity will get you and unlike Hollywood, nursing will still be glad to have you.


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