Friday Fiction: Counterfeit Wife

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Counterfeit Wife coverCounterfeit Wife

How about a mystery for the weekend?¬†Halliday had a long career with his Michael Shane mysteries. I knew I had heard of Michael Shayne, but didn’t put it together with this book. There were a series of Michael Shayne detective movies featuring Lloyd Nolan in the 1940s. Goodreads has this ranked high and I am putting this on my “to read” list.


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Persons in the Mystery

Counterfeit Wife excerpt

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Counterfeit Wife chapters


  1. I remembered Lloyd Nolan by name, but had to look up his bio and see his face. He was on many TV series, but not Michael Shayne – Richard Denning, according to IMDB, was the actor who played Shane on TV.

    1. The remark by Mary [above] states that Nolan played Michael Shane in the films in the ’40’s, not the TV series later.

  2. I read a number of these as a child — my father used to get them on business trips (he did sales for a while) and then he would stack them on the floor of his closet, where I would find and “borrow” them. Guess they were not respectable enough to make it into a bookcase. Or maybe it was that they were paperbacks? Come to think of it, our house was very well supplied with books, but they were all hardcovers back then.

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