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Belmullet coverBelmullet

Submitter: Bel-mullet or Bel-moo-lay? Our ILS was installed in 93, so this book is probably older than the record shows. The copyright is 1982. We are discarding it!

Holly: Maudie MacFarland leaves Ireland with her mother, who then leaves her at her aunt and uncle’s farm in Ontario, Canada. Maudie is horrified at their free-spirited way of life on their homestead, called Belmullet. (I’m going with¬† bel-moo-lay. Sounds fancier.) She doesn’t get along with her cousins. Over time, things get better for her and she goes through the usual teen trials and tribulations.

It all sounds very Anne of Green Gables to me. The subject headings are Farm Life — Canada — Fiction and it is set in the 1930s. There’s nothing wrong with the book, but if you’re strapped for space it’s an easy weeder. Bummer that the fly leaf got sliced so you can’t read the full description (see picture below). Did they have to put the barcode right there?

Belmullet front flap


  1. Oh, I think you should go with Bel-mullet — it was the 80s, after all! Even though it is hard to tell if the disembodied waifish head on the cover is sporting one. She may be going bald, though. Not a very welcoming house, either, with no lights and apparently no window treatments.

  2. There were about a million of these “spirited young woman leaves Ireland and goes to New Zealand/Australia/Canada/America and triumphs over adversity” in the 70s and 80s. If any of them are genuine classics, I am unaware of it.

  3. Belmullet is actually the name of a town in Co. Mayo in Ireland and is pronounced Bel-mullet so I’d assume that’s what they were going for!

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