Friday Fiction: Another Girl Gone Wrong

I Love Leo!
Heavenly Bodies

The Needle

Good girl Gina is doing well in college.  She wants to fully experience life. But alas she falls for the “wrong guy”. Beatnik/Hippie wannabe Bob catches her eye. He lives fast and hangs with some questionable characters. Bob introduces Gina to the world of sex, drugs, and rock and roll.  Fast forward, she is failing at college, she marries Bob and the addiction grows. Gina’s parents are mortified.  Then Bob pimps her out so they can cover the drug habit. Good times.



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  1. I love the way they paint it as a “study” of drug addiction. So you can read about all that scandalous behavior knowing it’s perfectly respectable–it’s a study!

  2. I think the “study” part was to make it just legitimate enough in the eyes of the courts and the USPS of 1959.

  3. I just want to say that I am too young to have been a hippie and have never prostituted my wife. How did you know to post this on our anniversary?

  4. I HATE dope and have no patience with pot users whatsoever, but you couldn’t really accuse it of being an **expensive** habit, could you?

  5. Looks like the same sort of dedicated research and attitudes that “Reefer Madness” satirized.

  6. They are talking about heroin. It says so in the sample pages. And the title of the book is “The Needle.” So they are way beyond weed! But it is indeed kind of humorous to think of someone having to prostitute themselves just to buy marijuana. In a book context, I mean, not in real life.

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