Friday Fiction: Airport Nurse

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airport nurse coverAirport Nurse

Put your seats and tray tables up in the locked position! Today’s Friday Fiction is another nurse romance, but with the romantic backdrop of air travel.

Clare Andrews is the nurse for the VIP section of passengers of Trans-Continental Airlines. She takes care of all the VIP’s health issues. Everyone from big tycoons to celebrities seem to show up need her special care. Clare never even considered airline work, but her mother thought this might be a good place to meet interesting men.  One day the boss calls her in for a special favor. (No, not that.) There are some international jewel thieves working around in and around the airline and they would like her help catch these guys using her special nurse access. Excitement! Romance! Intrigue!



back cover

list of suspects

pages 80 and 81


  1. “Scientifically approved standards for reading ease and comfort?” You mean, a romance novel was designed to be easy on the eyes?

    1. That black box caught my eye too! It was “brought into conformity” with “buff tinted paper”.

  2. They’re going to need a nurse in a minute or two, when that pilot behind her crashes into the hangar.

  3. As a collector of nurse romance fiction for over thirty years, I think that this is actually one of the best books of this genre. An interesting setting and an intriguing plotline make this story an entertaining light-fiction read. Remember when visiting an airport used to be fun? Those were the days!

  4. Is her mother Mrs Bennett? I can just see her trying to make Jane and Elizabeth take a job like that to meet men.
    I’m dying to know why we needed to know about the fabulous new type of paper, written on the front page, no less.

  5. I’m intrigued and puzzled by the idea of a dedicated nurse just for “VIP” airline passengers. Did these big shots need medical attention in the air THAT often?

  6. Gloria Faith! Is that a celebrity name, or can you use it in place of WTF in polite company?

  7. The fact that scientifically approved “softly tinted buff paper” is cheaper than the white stuff is purely coincidental

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