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Friday Fiction: A Thousand Roses

A Thousand Roses coverA Thousand Roses

I know it is only September, but this book has EVERYTHING you need–professional wrestling and Christmas.  It’s enough to make the Baby Jesus cry! Perdita (or Perdy)  has a plan. She is going to relocate to Indiana and buy a fabric shop. First, she has to get this house sale under control. Somehow the title of the house is in question and she has to live with snotty Boston guy Ebeneezer (I kid you not!) Squires. Turns out he is just misunderstood and love blooms for the holidays. Cue the music.


A Thousand Roses back cover

Thousand Roses teaser

Thousand Roses excerpt

11 Responses to Friday Fiction: A Thousand Roses

  • I don’t know much about wrestling, but I can’t really see guys called “Ravishing Ricky” and “Hugo the Horrible” ever really becoming giants of the ring.

  • I’m not a reader of romance usually, but with Christmas and wrastli’n, this has piqued my intrest.

  • Enough with the mouth plundering! For some reason I’ve seen some variation of that horrible description quoted from several books lately. It’s not a sexy way to describe a kiss, it’s weird.

  • I love this book. The part where Perdy smacks Ebeneezer with a folding chair brings a tear to my eye every time.

  • Those pages are like a parody of bad romances. From the woman yielding reluctantly to a mouth “claiming” hers, to the inapt figure of speech (a *tolling* bell is used to announce funerals), to the overwriting of “silky skeins of flame,” to the slap in the face of “investment.”

  • Wow, steamy! I never looked inside the covers of a Harlequin romance novel before — are they all like that? I am getting a little tired thinking about the effort it must take to write that stuff.

    Eriq Jaffe, did getting smacked with a chair bring a tear to Ebenezer’s eye as well? It sure would to mine. Ow.

  • This one actually seems like a cute and lighthearted fun Harlequin for that era compared to the creepiness that masquerades as romance from the other late 70s, early 80s Harlequins that you posted.

  • I seriously love these Friday Fictions; they make me laugh and cringe all at once!

  • The only thing that comes to mind when I think of Perdita is “101 Dalmatians”!

  • Wouldn’t it have just been the best if our hero had the nickname ‘Pongo’?!

  • He’s just misunderstood? He’s not really from Boston?